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My Story

Hi, I’m Kim

Kim has been on a lifetime journey revolving around healing, horses, adventure, and learning. Her current life mission is to help raise vibrational frequencies on this planet, both individually and collectively in hopes that we can all learn to live with purpose, love, and peace.

Kim loves to share through her teaching, writing, speaking, and healing practices. She has been a licensed / certified human and animal massage therapist for several decades and is the creator and director of The School of Applied Integrative Therapy, offering certification courses in Equine Bodywork (www.schoolait.com).

Knowing the importance of the Art & Science in the healing arts, Kim has spent a lifetime studying and seeking a balance between the two. She has studied veterinary technology and pre-vet and worked many years in veterinary clinics and also worked in deep the mountains wildcrafting and learning herbology. Kim is a Reiki Master and has studied multiple kinds of energy work. She recently graduated from the Four Winds Practitioner Course in Energy Medicine and Andean Shamanism and is continuing on their master’s program as well as studies with others in this field.

Adventure and closeness to our planet, nature, and animals is woven within Kim’s passion for life. She believes that each person comes into this lifetime with a purpose and works to support and guide the quest to find that. This journey and the quest are the treasures of life that lead healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet.

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BOOK: “The Soul in My Hand”

One woman’s unique and exciting adventure of life’s path through the sense of feel, quest for true soul, and deep spiritual bond with nature, animals, and connection to the beyond.”

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