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December 3, 2017

New Directions and New Courses

From the Desk of: Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT Here we are at this special time of Giving Thanks and approaching the holiday season. I am reflecting on how fortunate I feel for so many things in my life. I am blessed with a loving family, amazing friends, good health, beautiful home and a wonderful business chock full of […]


November 17, 2011

As the Voyage Evolves…….

After nearly 30 years of study and experience in the art(s) of healing through integrative therapies, I find that there is never a day I don’t learn something new. I get really excited for each new piece of the puzzle that I learn and I LOVE to share with those who are interested. As with most […]


Remembering Caballa

I lost an icon in my life a few weeks ago.  Caballa, my special little mustang mare laid down in the late October, yet still green Black Hills field, and was unable to get her arthritic and tired hips back underneath her to  pull herself up. It was a beautiful, warm day when we let […]