Small animals sessions will usually last 30-60 minutes depending upon the tolerance and condition of each animal. Initial treatments offen last longer than subsequent treatments. Animals usually respond well to treatment and after a few sessions will meet me at the door, take me to where we are going to work, and show me where it hurts! I often work with veterinarian referals and am always happy to be part of a care team that supports the best life for your best friend! It is never my intention to replace quality veterinary care but rather offer support to the healing process. I work with small animals for many reasons, some as a support base and others for training or maintenance: Canine athletes to help maintain condition and flexibility. Post-surgically to assist in the healing process Approved medical or neurologic conditions Age related conditions End of life support (when that unfortunate time may be close) *Click on the “Services” link above to read more about the benefits of Bodywork Therapy! * Full Treatment: $50.00 * Multi-treatment: $45.00 * 4+ treatment packages Canine Sports Massage Therapy
Congratulations to “Flagg” Anderson who is a handsome gentleman, awesome in Agility and is the 10th in North America to earn his NADAC MODSQAD. And also to “Vesta” Anderson who is the 2009 NADAC Agility Champion. Thanks to their wonderful team “mom,” Susan for sharing her amazing dogs and inspiring talent with me. Canine Support for Aging
“Tyler” Lackey lived a long and amazing life (providing support for his transition).

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