Equine Massage TherapyIn the initial assessment of your horse, I will observe him carefully and ask the owner or trainer questions about the way in which the horse stands, walks, trots, canters.  Does he favor one leg when standing or always keep a particular leg forward or cocked?  Does he strongly prefer one gait to another, is the gait symmetrical? Is one lead more difficult than another? I will check for shoulder, pelvic, neck, back and limb symmetry.  I will feel the horse from head to toe to assess areas that may require addressing.  I will check acupressure points, meridians and for flow of energy or Chi that will help in the assessment process. We may review dental and hoof care, equipment use and saddle fit, training program, veterinary care and history of injury or illness, nutritional program and living situation in the initial assessment of each horse to determine relationships in the issues we find. Horse Massage TherapyDepending upon the horse and their condition, a treatment will generally take between 1 to 2 hours to complete. The first session usually includes a more in-depth assessment and will take longer than subsequent treatments.  Maintenance treatments are especially recommended for chronic conditions, athletes, and for those under high-stress situations. A session may include a very integrative Equine Sports Massage approach with attention to your horse’s condition, history, balance, and complaints.  You can expect a full assessment and bodywork session which may also include looking at saddle-fit, equipment use training issues, and strengthening programs as needed. I am happy to share references to other equine and health professionals and to share tips and ideas to help you and your horse. *Click on the “Services” link above to read more about the benefits of Bodywork Therapy! * Full Treatment: $120.00 Occasionally partial treatments are offered for pre or post competition, for between session check-ups, or for a specific ailment that doesn’t require a full treatment. Mileage / Travel: Travel Expenses will be kept to a minimum and averaged between horses. No Charge within 25 mile driving radius. Driving distances over 25 miles will be charged at $.50/mile one way unless otherwise discussed.  If multiple sessions are booked at different locations in the same area, mile charges can be split among clients. Minimum #’s may be required.

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