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As the Voyage Evolves…….

After nearly 30 years of study and experience in the art(s) of healing through integrative therapies, I find that there is never a day I don’t learn something new. I get really excited for each new piece of the puzzle that I learn and I LOVE to share with those who are interested. As with most healers that have been studying and practicing for many years, I find myself evolving and revolving continually. I have come full circle on many of the routes I’ve taken through the years and with each circle, my understanding and involvement grows deeper, richer and takes more hold on my being and my work.
Applied Integrative Therapy is the name of my practice. I deliberated a lot when deciding how to name my initial business because there is no one direction to what I do. I’ve studied veterinary technology, veterinary sciences, human and animal massage therapy, natural healing, nutrition, animal acupressure, horsemanship, herbology, meditation and energy work all through reputable schools and teachers. While there are many very gifted and skilled healers who focus on one modality and become experts in that field, my curiosity and wonder lust have led me to gather many arrows for my quiver. For anyone interested in learning the deepest intricacies of a particular modality, I will always refer to a professional or organization who I’ve found to be proficient and quality.  I LOVE to share and I love to look at different sides of a coin but I have no interest in reinventing the wheel. The magic of it all, for me, lies in the moment when my hand comes in contact with the aura, then the hair, the skin, muscle, and if I am lucky, the spirit of the horse (or other animal). Each animal has a unique sensation and ambiance of spirit and each species conveys a distinctive vibration. Equine Massage and Beyond talks about horses and it talks about massage but mostly, it talks about BEYOND. Thank you for joining me as the voyage continues, Kim Kizzier, LMT Applied Integrative Therapy
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