“I have used massage therapists for the past 20 years and sometimes up to 3 times a week. The number of these folks is forgotten as I have used so many. The person I am using today is Kim Kizzier and she is the best. Her company name is “Applied Integrative Therapy”. She works on me for 2 hours each week and has been able to correct some chronic shoulder pain that the Pain Center, Chiropractors, and others haven’t been able to touch. She is the best, has an excellent personality, and is a very caring person. She has studied at length about MANY kinds of therapy.” – Bob Knecht
“Many thanks Kim.  My clients’ hunter/jumper show horses are so much happier, healthier, and stronger since you have been working on them.  Your knowledge, expertise and ability to pinpoint their physical weaknesses – and properly adjust them – has made an amazing difference to the condition of my entire stable.”   – Kathleen Busfield Owner/Operater  Four Oaks Farm Rehabilitation and Show Stable Simi Valley, California You can view Four Oaks Website at http://fouroaksfarm.net – it’s a fantastic place!
“Kim Kizzier joined our team of Kohr Quarter Horses about 1 ½ years ago.  She has be hugely instrumental in our success and our horses happiness!  She works quietly and thoroughly with an innate communication with our horses…using deep massage and pressure points to stretch and relieve their muscle strains and sore areas.  She brings with her huge knowledge and education; both formal education and many hours with horses, allowing both to intertwine and give our horses  much comfort and relief.  She educates us on particular stretches and areas of specific importance for each  horse adding valuable information to our competition preparation!  Kim has been and is a valuable part of our team!” – Lynn, Marshall, Sage, Cedar and Stratton Kohr And loads of horses at Kohr Quarter Horses
“I first heard about Kim Kizzier and the amazing things she does for horses through a mutual friend.  It was obvious right away that she provided something very special to her equine patients.  I continue to be impressed not only by her extensive education, experience and FEEL for what a horse needs to be happy and healthy physically and mentally but also her understanding of horsemanship, the demands of a competition and the requirements that places on a horse.  Kim is not just an equine body worker, but a true horseman.  Never one to stop learning, Kim gently passes on the knowledge she gains to bring a new awareness to those truly wanting the best for their equine partners.  By helping me discover that my saddle had a broken tree, Kim pin pointed the cause of soreness in my gelding and therefore prevented any further discomfort.  As regular recipients of body work completed by Kim, I can be confident our horses are receiving the best care, which gives us a competitive edge and most importantly, helps them to be as happy and healthy as possible.”  – Heather Smith, Gillette, WY

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