Horses and Small Animals 

Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit

The effects of acupressure and integrative bodywork are numerous….
* Improve body flexibility & mobility
* Dealing with aging and injury
* Strengthen muscles, tendons, joints and bones
* Build immune system
* Release natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation
* Neurologic conditions
* Release endorphins necessary to increase energy& relieve pain
* Enhance mental clarity and focus
* Support to resolve injury by increasing blood supply &
* Remove toxins from the body
* Support the body to heal itself
* Lymph drainage
* Relaxation and stress reduction

Scientific studies and clinical observations are now proving the benefits of acupressure (acupuncture), massage therapy, photonic light therapy and many naturopathic therapies.

**Applied Integrative Therapy is not intended to be a replacement for quality veterinary or medical care. Please consult with and include your veterinarian or doctor in all of your animal and personal healthcare needs.**

Treatment often initiates a shift in energy that animals and many people are especially sensitive to. Some accept the treatment enthusiastically right away, while others are sometimes reluctant and will need to adjust to their new way of being. It takes 24 hours for energy to travel a complete cycle and for the body to realize all the effects. Occasionally, during this shift, the patient will appear to be worse before they are better.

It is best to do treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment where you or your horse, dog, cat, or other animal will feel safe and secure. We will always do everything possible to help clients / patients feel at ease.

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